Submitted on 09 Apr 2024

Ladder Symmetries and Love Numbers of Reissner--Nordström Black Holes

Mudit Rai, Luca Santoni

It is well known that asymptotically flat black holes in general relativity have vanishing tidal Love numbers. In the case of Schwarzschild and Kerr black holes, this property has been shown to be a consequence of a hidden structure of ladder symmetries for the perturbations. In this work, we extend the ladder symmetries to non-rotating charged black holes in general relativity. As opposed to previous works in this context, we adopt a more general definition of Love numbers, including quadratic operators that mix gravitational and electromagnetic perturbations in the point-particle effective field theory. We show that the calculation of a subset of those couplings in full general relativity is affected by an ambiguity in the split between source and response, which we resolve through an analytic continuation. As a result, we derive a novel master equation that unifies scalar, electromagnetic and gravitational perturbations around Reissner--Nordstr\"om black holes. The equation is hypergeometric and can be obtained from previous formulations via nontrivial field redefinitions, which allow to systematically remove some of the singularities and make the presence of the ladder symmetries more manifest.