Submitted on 29 Sep 2018

On the Fermionic Sector of Quantum Holonomy Theory

Johannes Aastrup, Jesper Møller Grimstrup

In this paper we continue the development of quantum holonomy theory, which is a candidate for a fundamental theory based on gauge fields and non-commutative geometry. The theory is build around the QHD(M) algebra, which is generated by parallel transports along flows of vector fields and translation operators on an underlying configuration space of connections, and involves a semi-final spectral triple with an infinite-dimensional Bott-Dirac operator. Previously we have proven that the square of the Bott-Dirac operator gives the free Hamilton operator of a Yang-Mills theory coupled to a fermionic sector in a flat and local limit. In this paper we show that the Hilbert space representation, that forms the backbone in this construction, can be extended to include many-particle states.