Submitted on 11 Dec 2014

Entanglement and the Sign Structure of Quantum States

Tarun Grover, Matthew P. A. Fisher

Many body quantum eigenstates of generic Hamiltonians at finite energy density typically satisfy "volume law" of entanglement entropy: the von Neumann entanglement entropy and the Renyi entropies for a subregion scale in proportion to its volume. Here we provide a connection between the volume law and the sign structure of eigenstates. In particular, we ask the question: can a positive wavefunction support a volume law entanglement? Remarkably, we find that a typical random positive wavefunction, exhibits a constant law for Renyi entanglement entropies $S_n$ for $n>1$, despite arbitrary large amplitude fluctuations. We also provide evidence that the modulus of the finite energy density eigenstates of generic local Hamiltonians show similar behavior.